Cru – Weekly All-Campus Gathering

Imagine a place to pull away. Imagine a place where you could walk through the door, leaving the cares of the world behind you. Imagine a place where it’s safe to engage with God’s Word and meaningful worship with other men and women your age.

That’s the purpose of our all-campus gathering. Cru is the weekly all-campus gathering of Cru at Purdue. Each week you can expect to hear from veteran staff or Cru student leaders about topics we all walk through. In addition, you’ll have the chance to worship and meet students form all across campus involved with Cru.

We meet at various locations around campus, but we always start at 7PM Thursdays.

Cru begins week one on campus! Thursday August 24 we’ll be in WALC1055* at 7pm!

Cru Locations This Semester

August 24 – WALC 1055

August 31 – WALC 1055

September 7 – PHYS 112

September 14 – EE129

September 21 – SMTH 108

September 28 – CL50 224

October 5 – MTHW 210

October 12 – PHYS 112

*Check back here for future Cru locations

*Note: WALC 1055 is the large lecture hall in the new interactive learning building.

 Check here every week for updates on our weekly meeting.